Tuesday, 7 December 2010

New Seagulls!

Some new line drawings of seagulls!


Tori said...

Oooh! I love these! As a socal transplant to Washington I just get giddy at any sort of implication of happy ocean time. Also nice to find someone who blogs multiple mediums art-wise. I was starting to feel a little immature in the blog world for being like "you want to see my photos? well you're going to have to go through some comics to get to them! and vice versa!". Thanks for making my night-morning transition!

Jake Louis McDonald said...

thanks for the lovely comment! yeah i love using all medias and i tend to jump from one to the other so keep cheaking back for screen print's, badges, drawings and maybe some christmassy stuff over the next few weeks!

Anonymous said...

I have used one of your seagull sketches as a jumping off point for a fiber art wallhanging. Would like to have your permission to use it, and I will acknowledge you on the label of the quilt. Would be happy to send a photo, but I cannot, using posted email. It keeps bouncing back.