Friday, 2 August 2013

Food Doodle Pattern

So I've been doodling this new doodle pattern today. Wonder what I should do next? Maybe a gaming one? or a boys one?


Chris Figueroa said...

This is awesome!! Jake, may i use this illustration for a school project im working on? You have my word that it will not be used for any official publication but simply a hw assignemnt. I look forward to hearing back from you. EXCELLENT Work!!

Chris Figueroa said...

Hi Jake. Excellent work!! May i use this illustration for a college hw assignment. The teacher wants us to get permission from the artist if we decide to use their work in our projects. This will not be in any kind of official publication, but simply for homework. Thank you

Jake Louis McDonald said...

Hi Chris, yeah I would be fine with you using it for homework and nothing else. Only thing I ask is that you acknoledge it as my work with my name and website. What would you be doing with this design? Thanks, Jake