Thursday, 27 May 2010

Healty Heart Badge

My Uncle had a heart attack quite a few weeks back and I said I would make him a badge to cheer him up ages ago now (yeah I know i'm a bad nephew) so here is the design for the badge. Might make a set of get well soon badges and card to go with them over the summer!


Nina E Jørgensen said...


Mary Paquet said...

Tis is a terrific badge and I agree that you should add to the set and make a card to go with it. You have a real eye for illustration.

I just returned from some travels and want to thank you for your kind comments left on my blog.

Streaky said...

Well I Like the Heart badge..... when do i get it... Uncle Mark XX

Quase Blog da Li said...

Genial badges!
I'm sure that will make the joy of his uncle; great idea!
nice to meet

beckyBRUTONyeah said...

loverly badge